Getting things done

Do you have a number of small tasks to do? Or a few good intentions? You know, the kind of things we are inclined to put off – phone Auntie Flo, tidy the larder, reply to that letter from the school, fix the broken gate, spend an hour in the gym.
If you try to FORCE yourself, the tasks take on gargantuan proportions. ‘I MUST do that!’ (but I know I really don’t want to). That inner conflict causes you to release cortisol, the stress hormone. Then if you don’t get it done, you stress about that. If, however, you just get on and do it, you release serotonin, the ‘happy’ hormone that spurs you on to do more.
So, adjust your self-talk. Instead of ‘I’ve GOT to tidy the garden shed!’ try ‘I’ve got half an hour. I wonder what I can get done?’ Be kind in your self-talk and you will achieve more and be far less stressed.

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