Training for Therapists

Continuous Professional Development

These events equip you to run short courses for your clients or to add additional tools which add value to client sessions. My CPD courses are live, online events via Zoom. Therefore you can take part anywhere in the world. I am happy to make arrangements so that those in different time zones can attend at a reasonable time.

Weight Loss – A Mindset Approach.

A course for groups of clients, or for working with individuals.

Quit Smoking 

Enabling therapists to work with individual clients or couples

Control Your Drinking

This is for therapists to help clients who want to reduce their alcohol consumption but not necessarily stop it altogether.  It is offered in conjunction with Quit Smoking.

Zap Your Anxiety

A course for groups of clients, or for working with individuals.

Ditch the Scripts

How to deliver hypnosis confidently without scripts.  Understanding the structure of a hypnosis session.  For individual therapists.


I recently took part in one of Sarah’s CPD courses for therapists on weight loss. I was very impressed with how passionate and enthusiastic she was, along with her knowledge and the amount of information and resources that she shares.  Would 100% recommend


Excellent course! Easy to use Powerpoint, really clear explanations. I feel much more confident now – thank you Sarah!!

Amanda – Weight Loss (A Mindset Approach)

Sarah’s Quit Smoking course is excellent. She has made a difficult area for a lot of therapists much easier. I had stopped putting smoking on my advertising materials, but this has changed my own mindset towards smoking cessation. You also get everything you need to use with your clients and I found it more engaging than my previous method, which tended to leave the clients a bit glazed over after all the talking I had previously been trained to do! Many thanks for doing this, Sarah.