Middle Age Pressures

Life is a series of transitions – most are manageable and enjoyable, but the ride can often be bumpy

Coping strategies to help you through middle age and beyond

Life is a series of transitions. Most are manageable and enjoyable, but the ride can often be bumpy. I can truly empathise with many of life’s phases having experienced them myself with varying degrees of joy and stress.

A phase that I can particularly identify with is later middle age around the menopause. For many, both male and female, turning fifty can be a time of feeling a little uneasy. Are we past the halfway point?

One’s fifties often coincide with massive changes. You may be coping with moody, argumentative teenagers facing their own challenges, as well as ageing parents needing increasing amounts of care and attention. Life can become frenetic, as you drive your youngsters here there and everywhere, help with their school to further education or work transition, or their preparations for leaving home.

Meanwhile you dash off to attend to the needs of your parents, while your own hormones are coursing around your menopausal body causing mood swings, hot flushes and sleep problems. And for some, a marriage or relationship may have collapsed or be in a fragile state. As chief cook, housekeeper, taxi-driver, counsellor and probably sustaining a career, you may feel exhausted, put upon, resentful and guilty – the last person to receive any respite or TLC.

Isn’t it time to think about your own needs? A few sessions of Hypnotherapy could transform your life.

It is all about learning to relax, whilst adjusting the way we think about things. The brain can be rewired, fading out anxious and resentful thought patterns and developing constructive ways of seeing things along with coping strategies to help you through middle age and beyond.

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy using the best of CBT and NLP, with hypnosis at the end of the session.

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