Health Anxiety

Worrying about your health can be quite debilitating – hypnotherapy can help you gain control

Hypnotherapy can help people overcome health anxiety

Are you filled with dread whenever you develop an ache, pain or cough? Do you sit up at night googling your symptoms, looking for a diagnosis?  Perhaps you have real symptoms and go for tests but they all come back negative.
Your friends and relatives may be concerned; your work colleagues too – although they may be thinking differently.  Whatever the situation, it is not much fun. It can start to take over your life, rob you of sleep and make you very anxious.

It is essential that you check with your GP that there is no underlying physical condition, but once you know that, maybe it is time to get your thinking under control.

Hypnotherapy can be very helpful in getting you back on track.

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy using the best of CBT and NLP, with hypnosis at the end of each session.

Are you weighed down with health anxiety?

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