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Exam Time Stress

Is your son or daughter feeling stressed in the run-up to exams? Or maybe you are frustrated by the lack of revision that is going on. It is not just the revision and the actual exams that can be stressful to the student but the thoughts that surround exams. What if I panic on the […]

Kicking the habit

Yesterday I met a client who came to me over a year ago for a Stop Smoking session. He hasn’t smoked since. He said, ‘I can’t believe how easy it was, once I had made up my mind and come to you.’ It isn’t a magic wand but Hypnotherapy can make it so much easier […]

One day I’ll fly away

This is the time of year when many of us are looking forward to Summer holidays. However, for some, the days leading up to that flight are filled with fear and anxiety. If you are terrified of flying, hypnotherapy can help with a simple process that lasts a lifetime. Talk to me! 01793 750180

Physical manifestation of anxiety

Deep-rooted anxiety and stress can cause all sorts of very real symptoms. Medical tests may come back negative and relatives can be as worried as you are, while unsympathetic people may label you as an attention-seeker. It is baffling for everyone and very distressing for the sufferer. If you have had the medical tests so […]