Client Testimonials

What my clients say about their Hypnotherapy treatment

When I first contacted Sarah I was in a very dark place. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, I was waiting for knee replacement surgery and was feeling very very low. Sarah was marvellous and suggested she could help me feel better if I wanted to commit to a period of hypnotherapy sessions.

We had an assessment appointment where we talked about how I felt and what I wanted to achieve and Sarah explained how everything worked and what to expect from the sessions.

I can honestly say that Sarah’s therapy changed my life. She taught me ways to relax and understand where a lot of my fear and anxiety stems from and consequently how to regain control over my own thoughts and emotions. I am completely amazed at the difference Sarah’s sessions made to how I dealt with what life throws my way.

I absolutely recommend Sarah Sollom for Hypnotherapy, you will be amazed.

SuePain Management

In June of 2017 my husband just walked out without warning on myself and 2 children. After a month of no sleep and complete devastation and much pain due to suffering Fibromyalgia i met Sarah and had some Hypnotherapy with her. She taught me how to relax and deal with the situation. Within the following month i had slept , relaxed and moved on in leaps and bounds.

Due to the treatments i had with Sarah i am a year on. I have moved from Wiltshire to Wales with my New partner and extremely happy . I have opened a Holistic therapy clinic and employ 2 therapists, im studying a new therapy and have come off all medication for the Fibromyalgia and cope without it.

I have to thank Sarah for her help as i am the happiest i have been in over 20yrs. I would recommend her therapy to anyone. Thank you Sarah.

GaynorPain Management

I knew for a long time that I needed help to manage the different stresses in my life having 2 young children and running my own business. I came across Sarah’s hypnotherapy leaflet and thought that this could be the answer for me, and I’m very pleased to say it was.

Sarah helped me to focus and organise my life and most importantly to help me to re-train the way I overthink stressful situations, which used to seem to spiral into huge problems in my head, from the smallest nothing situations. I cannot thank Sarah enough. She really has done wonders for me and my life is far smoother and more organised than ever before.

I wholeheartedly recommend hypnotherapy with Sarah and already have done so to friends and family.


Sarah worked with me to help me overcome my dental phobia. It worked and it feels very good to say my phobia is now a thing of the past and has completely gone!!

Sarah’s approach is very compassionate, calming and reassuring and she has a knack of putting you instantly at ease. Aswell as saying goodbye to my phobia another positive of hypnotherapy was the big improvement of the quality of my sleep.

I would definitely recommend Sarah if you’re wanting help with any type of phobia.

VanessaDental Phobia

I can honestly say Sarah has been a great help with alot of my anxieties. I have had panic attacks and since I have had hypnotherapy I have not had any. I do not feel as stressed as I have been in the past. I am alot more laid back not rushing as much as I used to. Thanks Sarah for all your help.

ChristinePanic Attacks

I attended the “Zap your Anxiety” workshop on Sat 25th April 2015 with Sarah. I really enjoyed the session & found it very interesting & informative. The hypno session really relaxed me so much so I fell asleep & then felt really calm & floaty & I had the best nights sleep in ages.